My Week With Deke

What is there to say? After spending much time and effort into these training videos, I’ve learned much about photoshop, Deke, and myself doncha know?

First off, Deke took me on a magical carpet ride into the world of shadows, midtones, and highlights. I learned the important uses of tools like the brightness/contrast, levels, curves, and the automated features.

Deke then enlightened us about cropping. How to crop rotated photos, fixing a bad camera job, and even getting a picture of a painting from another picture. A picture within a picture… Piception!

Next Deke gently guided me through a meadow of flowers, bunnies, and selection making. I learned the difference between the different selection tools. Different tools-hi Mr. White- are good for different jobs you need done. He also informed me of many tips to make my selections better than Paula Dean’s selections.

Next comes my favorite part of my week with Deke. Deke showed me the way through the adventures of red eyes fixing, teeth whitening, blemish fixing, spot healing, and face toning. Afterwards me and Deke together ate nothing but falcon eggs, protein shakes, and ROCKS. And we would take whatever we could find, and we would hoist it over our heads yelling I am Umbridge, hear me smash!

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