Image Adjustments


Your eyes now behold the Before and After photos of this week’s image adjustment lesson. The brightness and contrast tools proved themselves very useful in creating this image’s effects. The exposure tool was helpful to bring out the glorious light of my most lovely face. Levels and HDR toning created an interesting color palette mixed with the new lighting effects. 


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Blog Update 1

This week in photoshop I learned how to use the transform and cutting tools. We spent much time lassoing pictures of balloons. I found lassoing balloons both an exciting and exhilarating experience. Learning the history tool is an important thing, because I am a known person to completely mess something up, and it’s nice to have a way to go back to things after I do so. I learned how to blend in cut objects so that they look more natural in the picture. I learned many shortcuts of the mac keyboards. I learned how to make ordinary text look cooler. Because, lets face it, you can’t write “Richard Simmons” without putting sparkles on it. I learned the importance of layers, and that Mr. White’s mother prefers his brothers to him.

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